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Talent Mindset
- Talent -
Our employees are our broad foundation for the development of valve survival. Good people, bring a good product and good service. Brand staff, creating brands.

Our talent:
Selection and virtue, with the employer can, educating people because of material, to keep people in love.
Selection and virtue: the values ​​that we agree with the valve wide selection of the most important prerequisite. We chose both ability and integrity of employees, German word first.
With the employer can: make the best use of its staff and security staff to do their best. In the wide valve, whose ability to stronger, more importantly, who will be able to get jobs.
Educating people because of material: a short foot, inch a director, the company focus on its strengths to develop human resources, material facilities for education. We are based on each person's situation, develop a personalized career plan.
Keep people in love: We provide staff with a broad space for development, so the ability to play. We work to create a more family-oriented environment and cultural atmosphere to retain more talent.

Our work ethic:
We promote "healthy, happy, positive, scientific" view of work. Physical and mental health, to enjoy the work, to get the real fun in life.
The development of the valve wide business interests beyond the individual and the combination is that we can share common ideals and values, which will promote the broad development and expansion of the energy source of the valve.
Company for each employee to provide better pay and benefits protection for each employee to provide a broad space for development.
The development of the wide valve invite you to join us!
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