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Denso nuclear localization of the valve held in Beijing

Denso nuclear localization of the valve held in Beijing

From:Net   Date:2007/5/14

Nuclear localization of the valve Denso forum on January 9, 2007 in Beijing, China Machinery Industry Federation, Vice President and Chairman of China General Machinery Industry Association Suiyong Bin, China Machinery Industry Federation, major office Yeda Rong, deputy director of China General Deputy Secretary General machinery Industry Association, Association Secretary-General Song Yinli valve, nuclear Industry research and Design Institute Wang Xiaojiang, director, attended the meeting, Tianjin Baili two-way, power equipment, Yangzhou and Changzhou power Station Auxiliary Equipment and other enterprises attended the forum.

 Forum chaired by the Secretary-General Song Yinli, he introduced the electric valve installed at home and abroad and the development of nuclear power plants along the river on the red valve requirements of the use of electrical equipment. Tianjin Baili Two-Yan Chung Ming Machinery Co., Ltd. Chief Engineer presented two days of research and development status of installed power, with plenty of statistical data and design drawings, and a comparison of foreign Denso, Denso demonstrated the level of domestic nuclear power has reached loading level. Electrical equipment repair yard Yangzhou and Changzhou Power Station Auxiliary Equipment Factory Co., Ltd. has introduced the factory Denso situation and sales performance, especially with nuclear electrical conditions under the adaptability.

Demonstrated through discussion, attended by all the leaders a better understanding of the technological level of domestic electrical equipment, and that liaison and coordination in the active nuclear and other nuclear power units wide, for the future of nuclear power projects in the progressive localization of electrical equipment.

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