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"Valve components" standard of review meeting was held in Huangshan

"Valve components" standard of review meeting was held in Huangshan

From:Net   Date:2007/8/20

National Standardization Technical Committee of the valve 9 July 2007 to 12 in Huangshan City, Anhui Province held a "" valve components "Standard Review Conference." Valves Standards Committee meeting of the National Deputy Director Chan Kam-ping and Huang, hosted by Secretary of Minya. Meeting was attended by Committee members, standard valve, standard drafting of the relevant units and personnel, a total of 23 units of 26 representatives.

The main agenda of the meeting was to review the 22 "valve parts" industry standards and a "high-pressure forged angle valve" industry standards. "Valve components" standard revisions for the expedited procedure, only because some within the drafting group and among some members to seek their views.

Delegates attending the meeting this standard 23-by a careful review and make specific recommendations for change. These 23 criteria according to the recommendations of the delegates will be modified accordingly some members please review again. The meeting reviewed the manuscript by 23 criteria, staff hope to complete the drafting of draft approval, after review by the Secretariat report department.

National Standard Authority had been prepared and valve "valve standard directory." At the meeting, the Secretary-General Huang Minya "directory" preparation of the main content of the work are briefly introduced. "Standard catalog valves" to collect the latest national standards, industry standards, and also collect the latest developed, advanced science (HS) will be the standard.

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